Writeapp – A clean and simple online app for taking notes

The world is going online. Writing letters have given way to sending emails, storing files on your local machine is gradually evolving into storage on cloud. A simple task of taking down a note has also found its way to the online world with some popular apps and extensions being developed for the existing platforms.

I will be telling you about a similar note taking app, Writeapp, where you can take notes, edit them and save them online.

What is Writeapp? How should I register?

You only have to go the Writeapp page, enter your email address and select a username and password. You will get a confirmation mail in your inbox. It will also tell you that developers are in the process of writing new features for this app. Click on the link and your account will be created. You will be taken to the main screen.

It will have a title box, another text area under it to write your notes, and few options can be seen on the right hand side of the page. (The main page has changed since I used this app for the first time, thanks to the continuous development).


Main Screen



When you click on the ‘Notes’ option on the top left corner, you will be shown a snapshot of the notes you have saved so far. The headings of the notes can be seen on the left side, while a preview of the note content can be seen on the right. You can change the view(reading/list), edit the note or delete the note. Here you get two options – ‘Filter by notebook’ or ‘All notes’.





Here you can set your profile settings:



1. Profile image – you can upload an image to be displayed on your profile.
2. Account info – You can update your email address. Rest of the fields cannot be edited.
3. Security – You can change your password.
4. Notebooks – You can select and delete a notebook if needed from here.
5. Public profile – You can set your twitter handle, public name and a short bio.
6. Export data – When you see this page for the first time, it tells you that only Premium members are allowed to use it. But I clicked on the button anyways, and instantly got upgraded to Premium account, with no questions asked! This bonus is for the beta users only, and I got a mail telling me about their future plans, which do look promising.


When editing a note, you can view the options given on the right side of the page. You have the option of saving the note in a different notebook, add a post-slugย and make your notes public. There is a red colored ‘Save’ button letting you save your notes. They have also provided a feature to download your note to your local machine as a text file, which you can find just below the Save button.
Then you have the themes or backgrounds for your notes. Here is a look at “Solarized (dark)” theme:



Finally you have the option of turning off the line numbers on the notes.


As I have said at the beginning, Writeapp is still in its beta phase, and more features are getting added while i write this post. From a user point of view, I am quite happy with this note taking web app. The minimalistic approach suits my taste and the simple options give me enough reasons to keep writing using Writeapp.

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  1. Hello Ganesh,

    Thank you for reading the post !
    I use Writeapp daily for taking down notes. It sure is useful ๐Ÿ™‚

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