5 Websites Where You Can Learn Programming For Free


My journey into the world of computers started like most of you – a computer game. Gradually I was pushed into the unknown land of computer languages. What started with a small ‘hello world’ program in ‘C’ language has now blossomed into a multifaceted virtual garden for me. It may sound geeky but its true.

I love programming. And I guess today almost every person has an encounter with code. Any type of code. Be it your password for an ATM machine or developing the next World Of Warcraft game. Also programming is a very useful, if not essential, skill to have. Trust me.

And the best part is there is no need to go to an expensive, hectic programming class. No Way! There are tons of resources available online which are absolutely FREE!

Here I have listed out the websites which will help you get started with your coding journey. Good Luck!

1. Codecademy


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This is one of the finest tutorial website you can come across on the internet. It provides an interactive platform right from its homepage to keep you interested even before you sign up! And with points given for each completed tutorial, tracks which are fun to follow, and achievements you can unlock while learning just doubles up the fun.

Tutorials Offered : Python, HTML/CSS, PHP, Ruby and Javascript along with some other excellent out-of-the-box tutorials.

2. CodeSchool


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Rich in graphics, this website gives you video tutorials along with the regular coding platforms. It is also interactive, with errors slightly better explained in a user friendly manner.

Tutorials Offered : Ruby, HTML/CSS, Javascript, iOS with some new tutorials for open source products like GIT and Chrome Dev tools.

3. TheNewBoston


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If you prefer video tutorials, this is the best offerings you can ever get. Tons of tutorials in subjects varying from computer programming languages to College class subject, these smartly paced tutorials (each one going for 8 mins on an average) lets you grasp the subject easily. And yes humor is an integral part of it, making it that much more attractive.

Tutorials Offered : C, HTML5, Java, Biology, Algebra, 3DSMax, Photoshop… well you get the gist!

4. Learnstreet


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Another interactive tutorial website which is rich in its presentation and content. Though not offering as many courses as the others, it certainly has the potential to scale and is worth a site to keep a watch on.

Tutorials Offered : Python, Ruby and Javascript.

5. w3schools


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Are you an aspiring web developer? Then this is the go-to website for you! Simple in its design, this one offers one of the best content for learning all the web related technologies. The tutorials could have been more interactive, but are useful nevertheless once you go through the content.

Tutorials Offered : HTML, CSS, Javascript, ASP.Net, XML, PHP, SQL.. pretty much everything related to web.


Do you know any other free programming learning websites? I will be happy to hear about them!


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