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Wakey – Keep your android device screen awake

wakey keep android device screen awake - logo

Smartphones have indeed revolutionized the way we access information today. These tiny handheld devices are our portals to all our virtual needs. The only major problem with these devices is it’s battery. Most of the devices – irrespective of the operating systems – run out their batteries in under 24 hours.

The screen of your android phone eats up most of the battery when its ON. Thus it is quite natural that smartphone users keep the idle time for the screen to remain ON for as few seconds as possible.

Though this is a good way to keep the battery usage in check, it may be quite annoying in some cases. Especially when you are reading an article online or when you want an app to keep running while you are writing it’s review. This is where Wakey comes in handy.

What is Wakey? How can it help in keeping my android device screen awake?

Wakey is an android app which will keep your device screen awake for as much time you want. You can download the app here.

When you run the app after installing it, on your home screen you can see a light bulb drawn at the centre. Tap on the bulb. It lights up, indicating that you have activated wakey and your device screen will be awake as long as you want.

wakey keeps android device screen awake - homescreen


You can check the settings of the app from the menu. It is placed at the top right corner of the screen.

wakey keeps android device screen awake - menu


All the settings options can be used in the paid version of the app. Free version only lets you run the light bulb feature.

wakey keeps android device screen awake - settings

To check out the features available in premium (paid) app, just tap the “Wakey” button at the bottom of the screen. After the window pulls up, tap on the “Premium Features” button.

wakey keeps android device screen awake - premium

Here you can see the various options made available by the developer of this app. They are listed below for your quick reference:

  • AutoWake : Automatically awake when an app from the list is in the foreground.
  • CPU Wake :  Keeps CPU running while the screen is off (WARNING: it will drain battery), useful for downloading big games from the play store and files from the web (otherwise they’ll stop).
  • Keep device awake when charging.
  • Brightness controllers.
  • Allow screen to dim when awake.
  • Personalize the bulb light color.

wakey keeps android device screen awake - features

Wakey is memory and battery friendly, it will keep the screen awake only when you need it, when you don’t need it anymore just tap the bulb, or turn it off from the notification. You can enable and disable it even quicker from the widget.

Have you used any other android app to keep your device screen awake? Do let us know in the comments!

Image Source : Google Play

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