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How to send email with different FROM address in gmail

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Having multiple accounts on the same mail provider has become a common thing today. We handle huge email traffic coming on a daily basis. Thus it is convenient to keep our personal and work email IDs separate.

Have you ever wanted to reply to a mail from a different email address? Gmail, the most popular email provider, has given you that very same feature.

How-to steps:

1. Once you login to your account, click on the gear icon on the right side of the screen. In the drop-down menu, select ‘Settings‘.

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2. Now click on ‘Accounts‘ tab. Under the section ‘Send email as‘, click on ‘Add another email address…‘.

send email with different address - accounts tab


3. A new window will be opened. In that window, enter your second email address and click ‘Next Step‘.

send email with different address - new address


4. The next screen will show you the email address you entered in the above step. Check the address and click on ‘Send Verification‘.

send email with different address - send verification

5. Now log in to your other email ID from a new browser. A mail will be sent to your email ID. It contains the verification code you need to enter in the next step.

send email with different address - verification code


6. Copy and paste that verification code in the earlier window. Then click ‘Verify‘.

send email with different address - confirm code


7. Now check your ‘Accounts‘ tab again. there will be two email addresses – one of them default (this is your main email ID). Here you can change the default email ID or delete the newly added ID.

send email with different address - successful



There you are! Now when you compose any mail, you can choose the address from which you want to send the mail by clicking the down-arrow of the ‘From’ field.

send email with different address - compose



Gmail is one of the best user-friendly email service provider which takes all about the care of their users. You can manage all of your email accounts from one place – be it either you want to consolidate all accounts into one account or you want to Send Email With Different FROM Address in a single Gmail account.


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