Post self destructing tweets using Efemr

Twitter has exploded onto our social lives. None can deny that. All of us share that love-hate relationship with microblogging! Now an app has been developed which lets you become Tom Cruise for some time. Don’t get it?

Remember that awesome opening sequence of MI-2? OK I cannot resist showing you the clip. And am sure you won’t mind seeing it again! So here goes:

What if you are able to send self destructing messages too? It would be cool right? Well,Efemr makes it possible to do just that. You can send self destructing tweets using Efemr app.

This sounds cool! So what exactly is Efemr?

Efemr is not a web app. Nor is it a mobile app. It is just a website where you can log in with your twitter account from your web browser. The web browser can be used through any device – mobile/PC/tablet.

After logging in, you can tweet your message with special hashtags which will delete your tweets after a specified time duration.

How to use Efemr?

Open your web browser, and go to the Efemr website. Click on the “Sign in with twitter button”.
efemr - self destructing tweet

Login with your twitter account with your email address and password. Efemr has claimed that they will not store your password.
Efemr - self destructing tweet

You cannot post tweets directly from Efemr. You will have to open a twitter client like Twitter’s official website in another tab. Now post your tweet with a hashtag for the time period after which the tweet will delete itself. You have to use special hashtags like #5m for 5 minutes or #2h for 2 hours.
Efemr - self destructing tweet

Wait for the specified time interval after you post your tweet. A point to note here is the time interval might not be the same as the hashtag. Different time zones might hamper the actual time taken for the tweet to disappear. But the tweet will get deleted despite the time lag.

Once your tweet disappears from Twitter, check out your Efemr webpage, where you had logged in earlier. You can now see your deleted tweet stored on this page.
Efemr - self destructing tweet
It has the timestamp and an option of “retweet” against it. So you can retweet it if you want to post it again on twitter. Note that Efemr does not give you the option of editing the tweet. So even if you retweet, it will again get deleted after the time you had specified in the original tweet.


Efemr gives you the option of posting self-destructing tweets. Though this is a cool thing to do, there are some points worth noting:
  • You have to be logged into Efemr with your twitter account  throughout the whole tweeting process.
  • You cannot tweet through Efemr. You have to open a client like Twitter to post your self-destructing tweet.
  • If someone retweeted your tweet before it self destructs, there is not much you can do about it, and the retweet will not be deleted.
This is indeed a novel way of tweeting. But there is also the risk of your tweet getting retweeted. Simply put, if you do not want anyone to retweet your tweet, don’t tweet it in the first place!
What do you think of Efemr? Do let me know in the comments.

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  1. Anand,

    “Efemr” is the official name. The typo is seriously surprising! Well I guess we can always write to their support staff to correct it 🙂

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