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How to play your favorite song at every Windows Login

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Computers have become a part of our daily lives. There is no denying that. Rarely does a day goes by when we have not switched on the computer to work on something.

Don’t you get bored with this daily task of switching on your computer and wait for it to power up once you have logged in? How will you feel if the computer sings your favorite song every time you log in? Sounds good? Read on to learn how you can do that!

NOTE : I use Windows 7 home edition on my PC. But you can set this up on other Windows 7 versions as well as Windows 8.


Create the task for windows login from task scheduler

1. Open the control panel – Go to Start Menu -> Control Panel.

windows startup song - start menu


2. Search for and click on  ‘Administrative Tools‘.

windows startup song - administrative tools


3. Click on ‘Task Scheduler‘.

windows startup song - task scheduler


4. In the task scheduler window, click on ‘Create Basic Task‘.

windows startup song - basic task scheduler


5. You can see two text boxes on the screen. Fill them out as shown below:

Name : Give your task a suitable name.

Description : Here, type in a short description for you task. See the screen-shot below.

After you finish typing, click ‘Next‘.

windows startup song - basic task


6. In the ‘Trigger‘ section, select ‘When I log on‘ option. This enables you to run this task whenever you log onto your PC.

Then click ‘Next‘.

windows startup song - trigger


7. In the ‘Action‘ section, select ‘Start a program‘ option.

Then click ‘Next‘.

windows startup song - action


8. In the ‘Start a program’ section, you need to enter the script/address. Simply hit the ‘Browse’ button to look for the address. Then add arguments. Be sure not leave spaces between the path address.

windows startup song - start program


9. For the arguments, search your favorite song, right-click it and select ‘Properties’.

windows startup song - properties


10. Now copy-paste the address in the ‘Add Arguments’ field.

Then click ‘Next‘.

windows startup song - address


11. If you want to check the settings of your task, check the ‘Open the properties dialogue…’ option.

Then click ‘Finish‘.

windows startup song - finish


12. You can check all the settings by clicking through the tabs. If everything is fine, click ‘OK‘.

windows startup song - check properties


13. Finally, select the newly created task in the ‘Task scheduler Library’ and select ‘Run’ command from the ‘Action’ menu to run the task.

windows startup song - run



You are done! Now every time you log onto your PC, a beautiful song will start playing to set you up for the work ahead!


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