PDF compressor

PDF Reducer – Free compressor tool for reducing size of multiple PDF files in a batch

PDF compressor

Invented by Adobe over 20 years ago, PDF (Portable Document Format) is a popular document format used by millions of people worldwide. PDF has evolved in all these years and continues to meet the requirements of its consumers with the addition of numerous features.

Whether you have a job or a business, whether you are a newbie or a tech geek, probability is you have used PDF a lot of times. Sometimes having too many files creates a mess, and you might feel the need to zip it all up in a bunch and store it away for future use. In this article, I will introduce you to a tool which will help you to compress these PDF files in a neat and simple way. There are many tools like Winzip and Winrar to compress such files, but this tool is specifically developed for compressing PDF files, giving it an edge over the others.

Downloading PDF Reducer

You can download the free PDF compressing tool from it’s website. On it’s download page, click on the “Download” button under the “Orpalis PDF Reducer Free Edition” tab.

pdf compressor


Setting the options

When you open the PDF Reducer, you can see the home screen of the software.

pdf compressor

Click on the Settings menu. A popup will open showing 6 tabs having various options which you will be seeing now.

1. Compression

pdf compressor

Here you have the option of modifying the contents of the PDF files before compressing them. You can downscale the images, enable the color content or keep the content monochromatic, discard unused objects (document tags, alternate images etc.).

2. Images

pdf compressor

Images are an integral part of any document. High resolution images are better to view, but they will increase the file size. Lesser or compressed images decrease the file size along with its quality. Thus, to maintain a balance, you can select medium compression level.

3. Color Detection

pdf compressor

PDFs are versatile in nature – you can create a fresh PDF file with new content or you can create one having scanned copies of material. This tab gives you the option to check the origin of the PDF material, whether it is from a scanned copy or it has original content. You can also select the third option (Auto-detect) which leaves the decision to the software. This selection impacts the color compression ratio of the content in your document.

4. Content Removal

pdf compressor

PDF files often contain a lot of additional information – bookmarks, annotations, side notes, embedded presentations/images/other documents. This tab gives you the option to opt out of compressing all or some of of this additional data. This is particularly useful for compressing a single PDF file. For multiple or batch compression, please check the data for every file before selecting any of these options.

5. Output Format

pdf compressor

Here you can enable fast web view and set the version of the PDF files. According to me, “Retain existing” option serves you the best.

6. General 

pdf compressor

In the General Tab, you can select input options like scanning sub folders and input files separately or directly folders.


Using PDF Reducer

After you finish setting up all the options, using the software is pretty easy. Select multiple PDF files in the “Source” text box – remember that you have to select all the files in one go. Then select the destination folder where you want the compressed output to be stored. Finally, just click the “Start Batch” button. The software will start processing the selected PDF files and a popup will give you the details like space saved and time required for the process.

pdf compressor

As can be seen from the screenshot, this tool compressed 3 PDF files of more than 32 MB size and brought it down to a little more than 15 MB – almost 50% space saved! A pretty handy tool indeed.


Do you suffer from cluttered disk space? Have you tried any better tool for file compression? Do let me know in the comments.

Image Credit : allsoftinone

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