Mozilla Launches Persona Beta 2 – A Universal Single Sign-on Solution For The Web

Mozilla Persona

Mozilla Persona

Mozilla, with its impressive list of products, ranging from web browser to mail and news client, is already popular with the masses. And now it has come up with another solution which will seemingly ease the way users create their accounts and log into a website.

What is Mozilla Persona Beta 2?

Persona lets you create an account on a website using your Yahoo mail ID. So you just have to remember the username and password of your Yahoo mail ID. No new password/username is required for creating website accounts.

Although it currently supports only Yahoo mail IDs, it is an open system, and other mail providers can integrate their services with Persona. So, in a nutshell, you can log into a website using any of your current email IDs.

Multiple email support

You can view the launch video here.

Understandably, Firefox OS and browser, being Mozilla products, has built-in support for Persona. This makes the experience much faster in mobile devices running Firefox browser.


  • Only one password is required to create account and log into websites which support Persona. No need to remember those complex passwords, or worse, store them in some unsafe place.
  • Persona is flexible, giving you the option to select from any of your email addresses, the password remaining the same.
  • Persona preserves the privacy of the users. It does not track your activity on the web. Once you sign in with Persona, the history of what sites you visit is stored locally on your computer.
  • The password you use for Persona will not be seen to the website on which you are logging in. So even if the website is hacked, your password will be safe with you.


  • Persona currently works only with Yahoo mail IDs. It cannot be called as a universal sign-on solution till the other major email providers like Gmail and Hotmail start supporting it.
  • One question which will be asked is what will happen if the one password which you use for Persona itself is hacked. The hacker will then be able to log into any website using your Persona password! This is a big risk for the users.

Can I install Persona on my website?

Yes of course! Persona can be easily installed on your website. You just have to follow a few easy steps given on Mozilla’s official website.


Persona is a commendable effort from Mozilla to decrease the user’s efforts and reduce the hassles of multiple passwords. Apart from the risk of the password getting hacked and used on all the websites, this is for sure that the success of Persona will eventually depend on the support of all the major email providers.


Do you think Mozilla Persona is the new age single sign-on solution? Will you be willing to install Persona on your website? I would love to hear your point of view!


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  1. Rucha,

    You are absolutely correct. Although mozilla has not yet declared the list of websites supporting Persona, I will definitely keep a lookout for it. Will post the list here as soon as I get hold of it 🙂

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