How to view all the answers on quora without the need to register

Quora  is a question and answer website created, edited and organized by its community of users. Quora aggregates the questions and answers for a topic. Users can collaborate by editing questions and suggesting edits to other user’s answers.

That sounds great! So what’s the catch here?

Scenario : You search for a particular topic, and a link for a quora thread comes up in google (or any other) search results.
Action : you click on that link, which takes you to the quora website, and you come across the following page:


Well, this is a fair bit annoying for such a useful website, isn’t it? This means you will have to log in through Facebook or Google every single time you land up on quora, even if you just want to browse through that single page and not the entire website.

Ok, so it does seem annoying. What you got for that?

There is a simple tweak for this. All you have to do is add the string “?share=1” at the end of the url in the address bar.



The best part is you will need to add this tweak only once per browser session. Thus, if you do not close your browser or end the session, you will be free to browse without the need to log in!

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