How to deactivate Jetpack plugins in WordPress


WordPress is the world’s largest CMS (Content Management System), supporting millions of blogs, if not more, in the internet. There are hoards of plugins available – 24,000 is the number recently released – for the users to customize their websites and blogs.

Today I will be telling you about a much popular plugin called ‘Jetpack‘, released by developers at Automattic. Jetpack is a free to install  plugin containing multiple features like Comments, Stats, Carousels and others, making the life of wordpress users much more comfortable. Though it is such a handy tool, there is a fairly annoying thing about Jetpack.. and that is the automatic activation of most of the modules it offers, without asking the user about it. To give you an idea about what this means, check out the snapshot of the dashboard when you install and activate Jetpack:


Jetpack home screen with several modules activated by default


As you can see, many of the modules are already activated when you first install Jetpack plugin. Of course some of you might see this as a convenient thing, but there are users who might not be happy to have everything activated. Rather they like to have control over their customization options.

So for all those who may be baffled, like I was when I first encountered this glitch, there is a way of deactivating the seemingly default modules. You just have to follow two steps:

1. Click on ‘Learn More’ button below the module you want to deactivate. This action will convert the ‘Configure’ button of that module to ‘Deactivate’. Or it will create a ‘Deactivate’ button if the ‘Configure’ button was absent.


Option to deactivate after clicking on ‘Learn More’


2. Click on ‘Deactivate’ button. The selected module will be deactivated.


Module after being deactivated


This is how you can deactivate any module in Jetpack plugin which has been activated without your permission. You can easily activate the module again by clicking on the ‘Activate’ button.


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