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How To Be A Better Googler – Tips For Better Search Results : Part 3

Continuing with the ‘Better Googler’ series, I bring you the third installment, more tips to help you get better search results on Google. You can go through the earlier parts – Part 1 and Part 2.


1. Search by location

Add a zip code at the end of any place search, like ‘pizza hut’, and you can see the pizza hut joints in that area along with the maps, phone numbers and even reviews. Type in ‘pizza hut <zip code>’ – replacing <zip code> with you actual zip code – to see the filtered results. If you do not enter the zip code, Google may suggest places near your current location.


2. Compare prices before shopping

Select the ‘Shopping’ link from the top panel – Click ‘More’ if you cannot see it on the top panel – and enter the shopping item you want to compare the prices of in the search box. You can view the prices across the web and decide where you want to go shopping!

Google search shopping


3. Check sunrise and sunset time

Just type in ‘sunrise’ or ‘sunset’ and you can view today’s sunrise or sunset time for your current city. You can also check out timings of different cities by adding the city name after ‘sunrise’ or ‘sunset’. E.g. ‘sunrise mumbai’ will give you today’s sunrise timing in mumbai.


4. Check the movies running in your city

If you need to check the movies running in the movie theaters in your city, just type in “movie” in the search box and the whole list of the movies will be displayed to you.


5. Read public domain books

Select “Books” in the top panel – Click on ‘More’ if you cannot find it in the top panel – and type in the name of the book (it should be in public domain) you want to read online or download. You will see the links for reading that book and also for downloading the book. Currently you have the options to download the books in PDF and EPUB formats.


6. Search for a number range

Are you searching for.. say.. cars with more than 300 horsepower? Well you do not need to check the details of each car on all the websites now. Just type in <cars “300.. horsepower”> (without the brackets, and including the quotes). You will see a list of websites advertising cars of over 300 HP.


7. Check the news around the world

Select the “News” in the top panel – Click on ‘More’ if you cannot find it in the top panel – and type in the term for which you want to search the news for. You can see the news gathered from websites all over the world.


8. Search for similar terms

Want to search for a generalized term keeping the same context? Just type in your search term, followed with “~” character followed by the synonym. E.g. Type in “computer ~sony” to view the websites about computers built by Sony.


These were this week’s google search tips. Hope you find them useful. Keep seeing this space for more tips and tricks. Till then, Happy Googling!

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