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How To Be A Better Googler – Tips For Better Search Results : Part 2

This is a part of the “Better Googler” series. These tips will help you with Google search, and get better results suiting your needs. You can read the first part of the series here.


1. Search numbers in a range

Searching for expensive consumables just got easier. Stay within your budget by searching only for items within a number range. Just put a “..” string between the two amounts. Typing in “Sony TV $300..$500” will search for pages selling Sony TV in the range of 300 to 500 USD only.


2. Get number conversions

Convert any measurement by typing in the number and the unit of measurement. Type in “pounds to kg” to get generic result – converts 1 pound to its kg equivalent. Type in “35 pounds to kg” to get the conversion of 35 pounds to its kg equivalent.


3. Get current time in any country/city in the world

Want to call a friend living in a far off country? Wondering if its the best time to call? Just type in “time” followed by the country name. Typing in “time usa” will show the current time in USA along with the time in the different states.

time usa - Google Search

This can be extended for a particular city or state. Type in “time Florida”  will only display the current time in Florida.

time florida - Google Search


4. Get currency conversion

Exchange rates of foreign currencies can be volatile in nature. To quickly search for the current standing exchange rate, just type in your currency 1, followed by “in”, again followed by currency 2. Thus, typing in “usd to euro” will show the conversion of 1 USD to Euro. Similarly, you can type in “15 usd to euro” to get the conversion for 15 US dollars.


5. Check the weather

Typing in only “weather” will display the weather for your current location (which Google auto-searches for you). Type in “weather” followed by any city in the world to get the current weather of that city. “weather chicago” will give you the current weather for Chicago.


6. Track your packages

You can now track your packages for UPS, FedEx and USPS packages by typing in the tracking number in the search box. It will display the shipment status.


7. Get definitions

Want to get quick definitions of a word? Try Google  Type in “define:” followed by your word to get its definition instantly. Typing in “define:thesaurus” will give you the definition of the word ‘thesaurus’.


8. Calculate math equations

Tired of going through the log tables and trigonometry and what not? Just type in the horrifying equation into the Google search box and see the mystery unveiled. Typing in “200*sin(30)-tan(45)” will give you the result of the equation, which is “-199.226100009”. Yeah well, we all love math don’t we!


So these are 8 more tips which might help you in achieving better search results. Keep a lookout for the next part. Happy Googling!


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