Google instant preview

Google removes instant preview, adds dropdown menu to show cached pages

Google instant preview


The only thing that is constant is change‘ – Heraclitus

Google is no stranger to this saying. It has developed some wonderful (and a few not-so-wonderful) tweaks and enhancements in its products periodically, much to the delight of users like us who love surprises. I always keep a close lookout for new Google Easter eggs, chrome tweaks and gmail features. I was particularly fond of Google labs, which sadly was shut down a couple of years back.

Coming back to today’s topic – forgive me.. I tend to wander off on my own sometimes – you must be familiar with that arrow button you would see whenever you hit the searched something on Google. On clicking that arrow, you were shown a preview of that webpage.

google instant preview

This preview was shown through a cached page, meaning that webpage was not necessarily the latest updated version, but a fairly recent version stored by Google servers. Well, now Google has decided to stop showing that preview to its users.

In the latest revision of its search result page, the preview arrow has disappeared, and has been replaced by a drop down (small arrow) icon next to the url instead. Clicking on the drop down shows you the options to see cached pages, similar pages and sometimes the option to share. The sharing option is working on some machines and not on others.

google search dropdown cache

Selecting the cached pages option shows you the cached preview of the webpage – same feature as the instant preview now removed. Selecting the similar pages option displays results that are similar in type to the selected webpage.

Though Google has not yet given any official explanation of removing the preview feature, it must be to replace it with some new (and better – fingers crossed!) and exciting feature. Users always shared a love-hate relationship with the instant preview feature, and now, until Google releases any updates, that sidebar will be showing a vacant white space.


Image Credits : Googleinvestor, Instant Fundas

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