“Google Now” to replace iGoogle?


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Google offered us a personalized home page through iGoogle. I used it for quite a while before eventually moving on. With the nifty widgets, gtalk in the sidebar and lots of other customization options, iGoogle seemed a nice option at that time for me to have my very own personalized homepage.

With Google announcing the retirement of iGoogle, which will happen later this year, there were whispers of whether Google will come up with a replacement. Now, a chrome browser extension and some code hidden on a website indicate that iGoogle might be replaced  with a desktop version of Google Now. Google System, a blog which tracks the updates of Google,  and which is not affiliated to Google, says it has found some code on a web page that Google uses to test new features. This particular piece of code suggests that the Google Now service could be part of Google’s web search services.


Google Now has already been released on Android 4.2 JellyBean. There is also a Chrome extension which lets you have Google Now as the ‘new tab’ page. Currently, it has its web page set in Russian, but is set to come soon on the Chrome Web Store.


Google Now in chrome

By running on the browser, phone and tablets, it has the potential to be the most important feature for Google account users in the years to come. It will also be surely interesting to see how Google Now is accepted by the web users. If this news is indeed true, there might just be an announcement in the next Google I/O conference, which is less than a month away!

Would you like Google Now to become part of Google’s web search services? Would you prefer Google Now to replace iGoogle?


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