Google Chrome improves security against malicious extensions


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Google Chrome has been steadily increasing its presence in the web browser market. The sheer number of add-ons and extensions available by developers worldwide magnifies the need of constantly updating the browser security, thus securing the trust of the users and enriching user experience.

Last year, in June 2012, Google had prevented the installation of extensions, apps and user scripts from third party websites. While there is a workaround for bypassing this security, it is a manual process and in a way which cannot be exploited or automated.

Recently, in December 2012, Google announced the blocking of silent installation of extensions in Chrome. This feature automatically disabled the extensions that were installed by third party software.

Now, on April 17, 2013, Google announced another security update. Chrome will be scanning the installation of all extensions from third party websites and software, and you will start seeing malicious download warnings when attempting to download malware identified by this criteria.

What this means for developers is that they will now have to adhere strictly to the rules and regulations laid out by Chrome if they want to keep developing extensions for the users. They will have to follow the standard deployment mechanism to deploy their extensions.

Though it seems developers will have to stretch a bit to churn out those amazing extensions, users will definitely benefit from this update.

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