8 Most Addictive Websites Ever


Like most of you, I am online for most of the day, surfing endless websites on the internet. After the post about hilarious comics, I thought of extending the entertainment quotient further and list down these addictive websites for you. Am sure you must have some of these as your favorite bookmarks!

8. Reddit


Reddit – Click for source

You need an answer to a technical question? Visit this site. Want to take part in a current hot topic discussion? Visit this site. Want to kill some time? Visit this site.

7. Wikipedia


Wikipedia – Click for source

This is THE encyclopedia online. The home page gives you the option of choosing from a variety of information from daily news to featured topics/articles to featured photograph. If this doesn’t suit you, there is always a search bar for your convenience.

6. Looks Like This

Totally Looks Like

Totally Looks Like – Click for source

It is a place based on a single topic – random pics taken at random places at random times, and comparing them to celebrity photos. A Definite time killer.

5. Armor Games

Armor Games

Armor Games – Click for source

If you are a gamer, or for that matter, even if you remotely like games, this is the place for you! Features free games from small ones to pretty lengthy ones, everything to be played online. Considering the recent success of ‘Kingdom Rush’, this site has surely increased its value.

4. Facebook


Facebook – Click for source

If you haven’t registered here yet, well, what are you looking at? Just click the damn link and join the largest social network in the world!

3. Twitter


Twitter – Click for source

The days of micro-blogging are here to stay. You cannot ignore it any longer. All the celebrities you ever loved are on twitter. Are you following them?

2. 9gag


9GAG – Click for source

This chart busting website is sure to keep you tagging along for the whole day long. It has taken the ‘meme’ theme to the very top of the addiction tree. Rage comics along with constantly updated memes will never leave you disappointed. A word of caution – better keep alarms at regular intervals to let you concentrate on work!

1. Cracked


Cracked – Click for source




Do you have some more websites you cannot get enough of? You can always put them in the comments!


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