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10 online resources for free ebooks

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In today’s digital world, we need all the information we want right here right now. Newspapers are slowly being replaced by their online counterparts. We look for information in wikipedia instead of encyclopedia (am talking about the hard copy, not the online one)!

So how can the books be left behind? e-books are the new rage among the digital nomads out there, letting us read our favorite novels whenever and wherever we want. Students find it convenient to carry the books in MB and GB instead of KG.

And last but not the least, wouldn’t it be an icing on the cake if the e-books are free! Here I am listing down 10 websites where you can download your e-books for free. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I will keep on adding new websites in different posts. So keep a lookout for the posts!

Note: I have done my best to check for any copyright infringement issues with these websites. All these websites are clean and the e-book downloads are legitimate. Even then if you find out any discrepancy with copyright, please let me know so I can remove those websites from the lists.


1. GetfreeEbooks

free ebooks - getfreeebooks

This is one of the most comprehensive e-book resource you can come across on the internet. There are thousands of categories and genres to choose from, though the cover designs can be toned down a bit! Most of their books are by independent, self-published authors, and they also have titles in Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi.

2. FreeBookSpot

free ebooks - freebookspot

Though the website is not that impressive in terms of design and looks, it does have an impressive collection of free ebooks. From fiction to reference, you can find some top quality books if you take some time to browse the website. If you find any broken links here, please be sure to report it.

3. ManyBooks

free ebooks - manybooks

This website has ebooks for specific e-readers (Kindle/Sony/Kobo). Even if you do  not have an e-reader, you can download Amazon Kindle e-reader for free. There are over 21,000 titles on this site, and they can be downloaded for iPods, PDAs, and e-book readers.

4. Baen Library

free ebooks - baenlibrary

This is a free ebook library specifically for sci-fi/fantasy novels. All the books available here have been uploaded  (or approved for upload) by authors themselves. You can search by title, author, or the year of publication, which is great if you’re after anything specific.

5. FreeEbooks

free ebooks - freeebooks

You need to register on this website to access the vast resources available for downloading. There is a catch though : Registering for a free account limits you to downloading up to 5 e-books per day.

6. FreeComputerBooks

free ebooks - freecomputerbooks

This website contains lots of free ebooks related to computer languages, web design and programming. You can also download free Mathematics, Technical Books and Lecture Notes. This is definitely one of the best places for free computer related resources that you can find online.

7. PlanetEBook

free ebook - planetebook

If you love to read classics, this is the website for you! Works by Arthur Conan Doyle, the Brontë sisters, Jane Austen, Tolstoy, and Victor Hugo are just a few of the fabulous reads you can download free of charge here.

8. DailyFreeEbooks

free ebooks - dailyfreebooks

A great website with a wide array of free ebooks. If you register with your email, you will get free reading materials directly in your inbox. It also provides you with an app that can convert the Kindle format to suit whichever device you’re using.

9. Project Gutenberg

free ebooks - gutenberg

This is the community project devoted to providing the people with absolutely free eBooks. It deals specifically with older books such as classic novels and reference materials, and are free in the United States because their copyright has expired. The website is digitized and diligently proofread with the help of thousands of volunteers.

10. Google Books

free ebooks - googleBooks

Google does not allow you to download the ebooks, but you can access them online for free of cost. You can search for the title, genre, author, or keyword that you’re most interested in, and enjoy the free ebooks!


As I said earlier, this is not an exhaustive list. Do keep a lookout for more free resources!

Do let us know if you find any problems with the sites mentioned in this article. I will make sure they are removed at once. Thanks for your feedback!

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