7 ways to customize your Windows taskbar

The first thing I did after getting a new laptop is set a new wallpaper for the desktop. I guess most of us do the same thing – change the wallpaper, set the screensaver, install all those wonderful music/video softwares etc. But what we do ignore is setting up the taskbar according to our liking.

8 websites offering free online courses

When I started this blog, the very first post I wrote was about websites where you can learn computer programming for free. I believe in the concept of free education for everyone. And recently, many websites/universities have started offering their courses to the world for no cost! So here am listing down 10 such resources

10 online resources for free ebooks

In today’s digital world, we need all the information we want right here right now. Newspapers are slowly being replaced by their online counterparts. We look for information in wikipedia instead of encyclopedia (am talking about the hard copy, not the online one)! So how can the books be left behind? e-books are the new

How to set custom ringtone on Android device without using any ringtone app

Note : This article is useful for users who have vanilla (Android installed without any customization) Android versions on your devices. Nexus devices are the best examples. Customizing your ringtone is one the most basic requirements of a mobile device. Vanilla android versions sadly do not let you select any customized songs from the sound